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Sex My British Job Review

Headie gives a compelling rave review for Hsaio-Hung Pai’s undercover documentary for Channel 4 about UK brothels exploiting and terrorising immigrant illegals into prostitution. “Incredible endurance, courage and commitment” to groundbreaking film making.http://poopsnoop.com/index.php/component/content/article/36-movies-tv-shows/tv-shows/644-sex-my-british-job#.Ukxh51ONf44 Advertisements

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Dispatches Celebs Brands and Fake Fans Review

Dispatches on Channel 4 (UK) is an undercover investigative documentary series. Celebs Brands and Fake Fans aired Monday 5th August at 8pm and has caused quite a stir by all accounts, particularly for the corporates paying for fake Facebook/You Tube … Continue reading

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